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The collaboration between SBTG and T-Level are finally available now at Sup Clothing at 34.Hajilane. To commemorate the launch, they did some ‘small’ gathering at their store last friday..

The colorways are on-point..

500ml of radness in a can..

Deejay for the night, non other then DJ Jazz aka Just-Pals…he’s always high on cough syrup..

“Checkout my tongue dude…”…Hallelujah!

If you think this kid is familiar its because you saw this

The legend Giller Kerbil  so rad with his v-neck tee with Beavis & Butthead..huhuhu.

Some KL love…and also from Bangkok I’m told..

Fuct Obey…

Ok don’t bother..all 4 are taken…Chai(extreme right) is reserve for my son. Don’t forget to dropby Sup to checkout the collection, if they still have some left for you to touch at all…

Last but not least checkout this vid done by T-level..


He came not to play..

Thanks to my man Gene, I manage to catch a glimpse of Craig Bellamy when he was in town last friday to launch Pool’s new home kit by the new sponsors Warriors.

These are the creme de-la creme of Liverpool’s staunchiest supporters, you know what I mean…and I’m so out of place koz I don’t know what was Jonjo Shelvey’s jersey number..

These balls are huge…

I had this moneyshot all set until he turned his back on me..bummer! That idiot got his moneyshot!

All set for some Q&A..

Anyway he’s in the Olympic squad…yes you hear it here 1st..

Ok time to aution off those balls..

That brunette chick in white…aha..sorry for the blurred pics…

Ok better now?

Did I tell you those balls are huge??

What was that place again last night?? Ohh its Orchard Towers..

This is next level son…

1st thing I’m not wearing the jersey and 2nd thing I wore some dunks…I hope this is not the last time I got  hooked up…what a goon. 🙂  Anyway all you Pool fans, go get some jerseys to rock to work,clubs and errrr mosques…

She’s the ONE.

Today a year ago we were blessed to be mum & dad for the 2nd time…

1st look of her beautiful eyes..

1st brotherly kiss…


A sneaker a day.

Nike Terminators X DPMHI.

Negative effect.

Sometimes its funny how these nuggets judge me by reading my tweets and FB shoutouts…its like judging the film roll before getting em’ developed and see the actual photos. Oh well, go ahead and see these rolls…and judge em’ for yourself.

Mama’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day to the wonderful missus.

The only KOI I know.